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  1. If you can read the fourth line from the bottom of most charts, you vision is 20/20. Any line below that would be 20/15 or below and indicates that you have exceptional visual acuity. Each eye is tested separately as your eyes are designed to compensate for each other and would not give an accurate reading. Understanding Your Eyeglass Prescription
  2. So if you can read the 40 line, your vision is 20/40, and a person with good vision should be able to read that line from 40 feet away, while you have to get up to 20 feet to barely read it. As you may be learning at this point, this is all pretty rough, despite those convincing looking decimal points in a prescription like -4.25
  3. Now you have understood what 20/20 vision means, it does not translate to the prescription that your optometrist will pass to you for your glasses. While the 20/20 vision system measures how well you can see compared to a healthy benchmark, diopters measure the focusing power of your glasses. The prescription is measured in diopters, the refractive power of your new glasses or contacts
  4. 20/40 (OD) and 20/40 (OS) for a 25 to 35 years of age subject >Example 3 >Conversion for this example indicates an estimated visual acuity of 20/20(OD) and 20/20 (OS) for a 5 to 15 years of age subject >This example indicates a 2.50 diopter variance in refractive power, identified as anisometropia
  5. The 20/x is your visual acuity and the other numbers you provide are your eyeglasses prescription. At best, you can only make a rough estimate of your VA from the prescription. Because you have..
  6. To enter flight training, a candidate must pass a Flight Class I Flying Physical. To become a pilot, that means the candidates vision can be no worse than 20/70 (correctable with glasses to 20/20)..
  7. There is no way to know your visual acuity based on your eyeglasses prescription. You are not legally blind if your vision is correctable. If a person's best corrected vision is 20/200 then that..

The following tips can help people read their eye prescriptions: Identify a + sign: Positive numbers, such as +1.00, explain how strong a lens needs to be to correct for farsightedness. -9.00 = 20/CF or 20 / HM that means 20/400 is the Big E on the eye chart. If you can't read it but you can count fingers in front of you.......that is CF......actually it is measured in CF ___ ft...that means how many feet away from you.you can count the fingers A visual acuity of 20/200 is roughly equal to a prescription of -2.50 diopters. Eye doctors can't convert visual acuity (like 20/200) to an exact prescription, they can only give you a rough idea. Many different uncorrected prescriptions can yield a visual acuity of 20/200. The only way to know for sure is to have your eye doctor check

The last line is 10/20. 20/40 equals about -1 diopter, the limit for driving a car unrestricted (interesting that you don't need to drive with glasses at -1, don't you think). 20/200 supposedly equals -5 diopters. So test your eyes, and see for yourself if your glasses might be too strong 20/20 vision means you have normal visual acuity (or sharpness and clarity) at a distance of 20 feet away. It doesn't mean perfect vision, though. It only means you can see clearly at a distance... A prescription of - 1.25 works out to roughly 20/50 vision, -1.50 to 20/60 and so on. Anybody with an anatomically sound eyeball, meaning the absence of any kind of disease process, should generally be correctable to 20/20 with glasses or contact lenses Read our guide below to make sense of your prescription: When you look at your prescription you will notice the column on the left-hand side has a row for ' OD ' and a row for ' OS '. These correspond to your right and left eye, they are abbreviations of the Latin terms 'oculus dexter' and 'oculus sinister'. If there is a column labelled 'OU' that. The prescription will have another similar listing starting with OD for the right eye. On the other hand, if you have a prescription that is -5.00, then it means that your nearsightedness is more pronounced, so a more powerful lens is used to help you reach 20/20 vision. Also, it is important to note that your prescription only applies to eyeglasses

Generally, a prescriptions for glasses gives measurements in diopters usually ranging from 0 (plano) to +/- 20. Contacts are a little different. The numbers given in a prescription do not correlate to a 20/? at all. Someone with your same Rx may only be able to see 20/50, while you're able to see 2020 Deciphering your eye prescription should be less about how bad it is, and more about how corrective vision can improve your eyesight. The goal of glasses and contacts is always 20/20 vision, no matter what your prescription reads.. The numbers, decimals, pluses and minuses may seem like a language spoken only by eye doctors, but their meanings are more straightforward than you might. Typically the fourth line of letters from the bottom denotes 20/20 vision, with the better-than-average 20/15, 20/10 and 20/5 below that. What does my eyeglass prescription mean? When you look at your prescription for eyeglasses , the first things you might notice are the two-letter abbreviations Did you know that when a person has 20/20 vision, that means they have normal visual acuity measured at a distance of 20 feet?They can see clearly at 20 feet what should normally be seen at a distance of 20 feet. Most people are relatively familiar with this method of representing visual clarity or sharpness but don't fully understand how to read a glasses prescription Visual acuity describes the acuteness or sharpness of vision; that is the ability to perceive small details. Example: you need an acuity of 0.5 in order to get a drivers license, which means you should be able to read signs from 20 meters away

Converting Vision Between Diopters and 20/x

  1. Simply put, if your prescription is -2.5 or lower, this means that you are legally blind. Visual acuity of -2.5 is equivalent to 20/200 vision. Visual acuity of -3.0, for instance, means that you have 20/250 or 20/300 vision. From there, visual acuity of -4.0 means that you have 20/400 vision
  2. When you look at your prescription for eyeglasses, you will see numbers listed under the headings of OS and OD. They are Latin abbreviations: OS (oculus sinister) means the left eye and OD (oculus.
  3. Trifocals (sometimes called lined trifocals) contain three prescriptions within one lens. The top prescription corrects distance vision, the middle corrects intermediate distances (18 to 24 inches), and the bottom corrects up-close vision. Just like with bifocals, you can visibly see the lines between the prescriptions on the lens. Progressiv
  4. I agree with all of the answers that explain that many types of defects contribute to a visual acuity of 20/50. However, if you knew for a fact that the ONLY thing causing a problem is focus (sphere) for distant vision, and if you knew that the pu..

There will be a number included on your prescription for each aspect of your vision that needs to be corrected. The further from zero that the numbers are, the more correction you need. You will see a plus sign or minus sign in front of your eyeglass prescription, and that number is shorthand for farsightedness or nearsightedness That is your acuity. Someone with this prescription could measure better than 20/20 acuity, while someone else with the same prescription could measure 20/200. More information about glasses and visual acuity: How Visual Acuity Is Measured‎ Computer Vision Syndrome and Computer Glasses Sunglasses and Macular Degeneration Snellen Char

My vision is changing. What do I do? If your prescription has changed over time, don't worry. Most likely, we just need to alter the strength of your lenses. The rate of change in your prescription depends on your age When you look at your prescription, the important thing to know is the bigger the number, the stronger the prescription and the worse your eyesight. A 1.25 eye prescription refers to the power of the lens used to correct the problem. It can have a plus sign or minus sign preceding it based on the needed vision correction Based off of 20/20, does anyone know approximatley what my vision is if my prescription glasses ar -6.75 (my contacts are -6.00 & -6.25). Just curious. Thanks! - LaniR304 : Myopia is commonly detected by reading a Snellen eye chart from a distance of 20 feet. Notations of 20/20, 20/30, or 20/200 are used to measur They say hindsight is 20/20, but what is 20/40? If you're amongst the two out of three Americans who use vision correction in some way, you may be familiar with these kinds of ratios. Or, you may be completely unfamiliar, especially if you've never looked at the prescription your doctor has given you

What Is 20/20 Vision? How Convert Diopters To 20/20 Scale

  1. If the prescription reads 60/57, then the first number is the distance PD and the second is the reading PD. As for any changes in the PD measurement up to the age of 20 it will change as the body grows; after that there is no change with age. (Study on PD measurement) The Average PD Measurement is 60.5 mm. 95% of Males measure 55-68mm
  2. 20/20 vision is like the ultimate goal for many people%u2019s quest for better eyesight. Chances are you had seen LASIK advertisements promising 20/20 eyesight.In fact 20/20 vision is so prevalent in our society that they have an American TV show called 20/20.Before we go there, let%u2019s understand what visual acuity means. Visual acuity means sharpness of your vision or how far can you see.
  3. For example, 20/20 vision means that you can see an object clearly from 20 feet away. 20/40 vision means that you need to be 20 feet away to see clearly what a person with normal vision can see from 40 feet away. Visual acuity is dependent on a combination of optical and neural elements, including: The health and functionality of the retin
  4. This is often separate from the 'grid' section of your prescription - where the doctor writes out the main prescription information. What happens if my pupillary distance measurement is off? If your eyeglass lenses aren't properly centered based on your PD number they can cause dizziness, headaches or blurred vision

How to Read Your Eyeglass Prescription. Reading eyeglass prescriptions doesn't require special training or a medical degree—we've broken it down and simplified everything to make your online ordering experience a piece of cake! But, if you don't have the time to peruse the instructions, leave the prescription fields blank The prescription should read : OD OS ADD or R L ADD. Or it may just have either of the previous notations or say a + sign below the OD or OS distance prescriptions. Example: OD -1.00 DS OS -1.50 DS ADD + 2.00 The add is the addition to the previou.. Prescription with Prism. The less common prism Rx refers to the amount of prismatic power needed to compensate for eye alignment issues (e.g., double vision or lazy eye). The prism Rx will have two values: PRISM & BASE. Rx Note: BO=Base Out, BI=Base In, BU=Base Up, and BD (or BDn)=Base Down

You are not legally blind. Legal blindness is defined as a visual acuity worse than 20/200 even with best possible correction or a visual field that is less than 20 degrees. Here we have the visual acuity of a nearsighted person: -.5=20/30 or 20/.. Single-vision means that you are either near sighted or far sighted, but not both (as is the case with people who need bi-focal or progressive lenses). Single-vision is the term used to refer to corrective prescription lenses that do not have multiple viewing zones, like bi-focals and progressives do 1. Lens designs on a prescription indicate your eyesight requirement, detailing the lens' design and function (single, progressive, bifocals). Occasionally, you'll see a specific brand of progressive or single vision lens written on the prescription itself. This is most often a recommendation based on a brand the doctor's office carries Your prescription (or refractive error) is measured in diopters, a metric unit used to indicate the strength of the eye or lens. Advanced laser vision correction profiles have the potential to treat up to +6.00 diopters of hyperopia, astigmatism up to 6 diopters and nearsightedness up to -12.00 diopters, depending on the laser chosen for the treatment How To Enter Your Glasses Prescription Online. Do not worry about entering your prescription details online. Most reputable online suppliers like Spex4Less will offer a variety of forms for you to enter your prescription details in to. Our online prescription form initially displays the most common format, Distance with a Near Add

How do i figure my 20/x vision based on my prescription

Your Optical Prescription Explained. Here at Eyesite we are committed to clearly explaining our assessment of your eyesight to you. Once we've complete your eye examination our optometrist will give you your prescription. This covers all the information you need to get prescription lenses that give you the clearest and best quality vision Sometimes, blurry vision can be a sign of cataracts. Other symptoms can include vision loss and distinct halos around lights. Cataracts are caused by the clouding of the eye's natural lens and are the most common cause of vision loss in individuals over the age of 40

At participating in-network providers, members get everyday savings like 40% off a complete additional pair of prescription glasses or 20% off non-prescription sunglasses. (These discounts are for in-network providers only. Benefits may not be combined with any discount, promotional offering, or other group benefit plans How to Read a Bifocal Prescription. Learning how to read a bifocal prescription is a lot easier than it sounds. All you need to do is discover the meaning behind some key abbreviations. The most important one to learn is your prescription's ADD value, which is the value that helps magnify the bottom part of your multifocal lenses Now you can use a smartphone to figure out your eyeglass prescription. Developers of new app say it's as accurate as visiting an eye doctor. The days of sitting in an optometrist's office with a weird machine over your eyes may be a thing of the past. A new company has developed a technology that lets users figure out their eye prescriptions. Some fortunate patients improve even beyond that and go back to 20/20 vision. My visual improvement was documented about 2.5 weeks after surgery. Before the surgery, my best corrected vision in my left eye was 20/40. At the 2.5 week point, it was 20/30. About 5 months after surgery, I could see 20/25 out of that eye. I do have some residual.

Will My Eyeglass Prescription Change After Cataract Surgery? by Jenna Farr August 22, 2018 0 comments Cataract surgery, which involves removing the eye's cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear, artificial lens, is a common operation How to Read Eyeglasses Prescriptions. When you look at a standard prescription, the first word you'll see is Distance. This term refers to what power of lens you will need to see distant objects clearly. Your ophthalmologist or optometrist determines this power by trying different lenses while you read an eye chart in the exam Prescription Glasses. Prescription eyeglasses, as opposed to reading glasses, are used to fix a variety of vision issues such as myopia and astigmatism. To get prescription eyeglasses, registered optometrists or ophthalmologists will perform a series of tests, including colour vision, depth perception, and field of vision tests A glasses prescription is not the same as a contact lens prescription. Glasses sit slightly away from your eyes and contact lenses sit directly over your eye, so two different tests and measurements are required. Depending on the refractive error, the strength of lens required to correct it and the type of contact lens you need, the parameters.

My distance vision without prescription lenses was very bad through high school, college, and graduate school. The last professional check (Ophthalmologist) showed that my prescription was -4.5 diopters (Right eye) and -4.25 diopters (Left eye). This is approximately 20/320 vision using the Snellen eye chart Low vision is a term describing a level of vision below normal (20/70 or worse) that cannot be corrected with conventional glasses. Low vision is not the same as blindness. People with low vision can use their sight. However, low vision may interfere with the performance of daily activities, such as reading or driving Look at the glasses prescription written by your eye doctor for everyday distance vision. The numbers you need are the numbers written for the sphere. An example of a prescription would be: +1.00 - 0.50 X 105. In this example, the sphere is the +1.00. Calculate your glasses prescription for the computer 1 .** My blurry vision made me dependent on glasses for 15 long years, until my eyesight hit an all-time low and I decided to do something about it. This is what I learned. The following tips will help improve your long distance vision on multiple levels - both instantaneously (see tip #1 - the pinhole effect) and gradually over time (see tip #10 - eye exercises) Your glasses prescription includes a number for every aspect of your vision that needs correction. When learning how to interpret your prescription, keep in mind that usually the further from zero the numbers are, the more correction you need. A plus or minus sign in front of your glasses prescription number is shorthand for near or farsightedness

Get your eyes checked and renew your vision prescription from the comfort of your home. You only need 5 minutes and 10 feet of space. Receive a prescription within 24 hours from an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. Save money by only paying $35 for the test, and we accept FSA and HSA. Begin My Vision Test To find out more about PD and for information on how to determine your PD, see our What is PD ezine article If PD is given separately for right and left eyes, then add the right and left PD together to give the total PD. If the prescription gives only one number for PD then tick My prescription contains only one PD and enter the PD Low vision is a health condition caused by eye disease that reduces visual acuity to 20/70 or below. People with low vision may be affected in one eye or both and cannot correct or improve vision with prescription glasses, contact lenses, or surgery. Low vision refers to a range of sight loss, which includes blind spots, poor night vision, and. If you want to get the most out of your coverage, you'll need to know how your benefits work. And we're here to help make that easier for you. You can find more information about your plan here. We've answered your frequently asked questions about Medicare Advantage, supplemental insurance, and prescription, dental, vision and hearing coverage

20% off retail price of vision care items purchased at participating provider locations including non-prescription sunglasses, cleaning supplies and accessories** Laser Vision Correction 15% off regular price and 5% off promotional price on laser vision correction performed by U.S. Laser Vision Network providers. Call 877-5LASER6 or visit. So imagine my surprise when I was told during my first Australian eye exam that I had 6/6 vision with my corrective lenses. Turns out, the 20/20 scale isn't universal PD 64mm. For reading only glasses, you just need to combine the Add and Sph prescription. In the case of the Positive Add and a negative Sph, net the difference, and the new number becomes the Sph. And use the small PD 62mm (if your doctor did not provide the reading PD, please narrow the PD by 2-3mm from the distance PD)

Many people struggle with seeing things close-up. If you are noticing that it's hard to read or see things even when they're held close to your face, you might be one of these people. The good news is that no one has to struggle to see. A simple vision test can help you figure out what strength reading glasses will help you see better. To help you see better, we made the Peepers Vision Test Blurred Vision. Finally, we come to the most disheartening of signs of a wrong prescription: blurred vision. You leave the optician's office excited to be able to make out street signs and small writing. But, that dream soon falls flat when you realize that your vision is still fuzzy and blurry I want to know if my current insurance covers a medication. One way to find out your prescription coverage is to call the number on the back of your insurance card. This option may be the best source of information, as sometimes employers may have different coverage than what is published online. When calling, make sure you have the following. Adult Vision: 41 to 60 Years of Age. Middle-aged adults will begin to notice slight changes in their vision which can progress over time. Beginning in the early to mid-40s, many adults may start to have problems seeing clearly at close distances, especially when reading and working on the computer. This is among the most common problems adults.

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Computer glasses filter out this blue light, minimizing general eye strain and fatigue, reducing headaches, and generally keeping your eyes healthier. Computer glasses are sold without prescriptions (sometimes as yellow-tinted glasses), and many companies will offer a blue light-blocking lens coating that performs the same function, but with your current prescription Eye exams at home: A safe way to update your eyeglass Rx in the age of COVID-19. As the pandemic drags along and we continue to be aware of the risk of face-to-face contact, what happens when you. Laser Vision Correction Average 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price; discounts only available from contracted facilities Your Coverage with Out-of-Network Providers Get the most out of your benefits and greater savings with a VSP network doctor. Call Member Services for out-of-network plan details If my vision is less than 20/20, what can I do? In a comprehensive eye examination, a doctor of optometry can diagnose what causes, if any, are affecting your ability to see well. In most cases, your doctor of optometry can prescribe glasses, contact lenses or a vision therapy program that can help improve your vision The sphere is measured in Dioptre's, your prescription may have the word Plano or Pl or an infinity sign, this means that you are neither long nor short sighted but zero power for the Sphere, however you may have astigmatism - a CYL and AXIS on your prescription. Most values range from 0.00 to +/- 20.00 and go up in steps of 0.25. The Cylinde

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  1. imum. Required to read the stock quotes in the newspaper, or numbers in the telephone book. 20/40 - Able to pass Driver's License Test in all 50 States. Most printed material is at this level. 20/80 - Able to read alarm clock at 10 feet. News Headlines are this size
  2. What does 20/20 vision mean? This term indicates that an individual has a visual acuity of 20/20. It's a term only used in North America - in Europe, 6/6 notation is used. These figures are based on letter charts which are used in the standard sight test, such as the Snellen chart. The top number refers to the distance at which the chart is.
  3. This prescription also has some figures scrawled underneath - these are additions for both intermediate and near distances. Even though it's a single figure, it applies to both eyes. To enter this, you'll need to use the My prescription is more complex than this link to show the more advanced prescription area
  4. Most people correlate the term 20/20 vision to mean 'perfect' vision. The truth is, there is no such thing as perfect vision. This is because how clearly you are able to see depends on an array of factors, such as depth perception, contrast, side vision, color vision, and eye muscle coordination
  5. To help you out when the time comes, we've made the Peepers Vision Test — an easy, printable chart you can use to make sure you purchase the right strength of reading glasses. Just follow the simple instructions to print and take the Peepers Vision Test. Please be sure to follow all the instructions for the most accurate results

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Every 20 minutes, look at least 20 feet away for about 20 seconds at a time. This can help to reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome, as it allows your eyes time to relax and re-center. Eye fatigue and strain are common in your 20s and 30s, as you likely spend a lot of time at the computer, on your smartphone, and watching tv At the same time, there is less need for high index, if you have a very low prescription. Zenni, as example, sells very high index lenses (1.74) for about 80 USD upgrade cost. If you are already at -2.00 diopters or less, spending the extra money will make no noticeable difference for you. A mid index 1.57 is plenty in this -2.00 diopter scenario My personal vision is to have a life of meaning for myself and others. It is important to me to live my life in a way that shows kindness, care, and concern for family and friends and even strangers. Earn respect for myself based on a recognition of my accomplishments and abilities, maintains a sense of appreciation of the beauty of nature, and a sense of humor 20 / 20 Vision. Eye doctors frequently use the term 20/20 to describe our vision, but what exactly do they mean and how is it measured? The numbers do not actually relate to each eye respectively, as you might logically expect. 20/20 refers to how well a person can see at a distance of 20 feet The measurement taken by an autorefractor can be translated into a prescription for eyeglasses. In eye exams for small children, or for people with special needs who may have trouble sitting calmly during an extended exam, or verbally describing their vision problems - autorefractors give highly accurate measurements used to determine vision correction needs, automatically

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Determination. For the Snellen test to be accurate, the chart must be hung 20 feet from the person taking the test. If the room can't accommodate this, mirrors may be used to simulate a distance of 20 feet, All About Vision explains 2.The standard point of reference, 20/20, is not the best vision possible, but a reference point for what an average person can see at a distance of 20 feet how to calculate the intermediate power for computer glasses from the near vision prescription? Answered by Dr. Faramarz Hidaji: Subtract 1.00: The intermediate strength is the reading prescription m.. Certain eye conditions or prescription strengths can make it very difficult to correct your vision to 20/20, which is the goal of a glasses prescription. In this case, since your eyesight is affecting your life negatively, it's more understandable to think of it as bad.. In reference to the -1 example, -1 is not considered a.

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in my prescription, the AX are : 6 and We recommend speaking with an eyewear representative if you'd like a price breakdown based on your own set of requirements. Call us: 1-866-414-2326 (which corrects your reading/near vision). Once you've filled out your prescription, you're taken to another page that asks you to choose whether. To qualify for disability benefits, your vision loss or blindness must meet one of the following listings: Loss of central visual acuity (2.02) - this listing covers loss in your central field of vision and requires you see no better than 20/200 in your better eye. Contraction of the visual field in the better eye (2.03) - you can qualify under this listing if you have a shrinking field of.

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Medically reviewed by Alastair Lockwood on 11 December 2020. The axis figure on prescription contact lenses is for people who have astigmatism and indicates the required location of cylindrical power on the lens. This determines the angle of vision correction that someone with astigmatism would need, due to the irregular curvature of their eye, which can be described as shaped like a rugby ball Low vision is vision loss that can't be corrected with glasses, contacts or surgery. It isn't blindness as limited sight remains. Low vision can include blind spots, poor night vision and blurry sight. The most common causes are age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetes. Visual aids can help people with low vision If you are shortsighted, the number under the abbreviation will include a (-) sign. If you are longsighted, the number will consist of a (+) sign. If your prescription has the word Plano, PI, or an infinity sign, it means that you do not have distance problems. You may, however, have astigmatism. Most values will be 0.00 to +/-20.00

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That means you see at 20 feet (6 meters) what the average person can see at 200 feet (60 meters) away. So to reiterate, if you take someone with 20/20 vision and put them 200 feet away from the chart, they would still be able to see the big E clearly. 20/200 visual acuity and worse is considered legally blind in many places, such as the U.S Measure the pupil size. Measure the iris size. Check the eye's surface. Determine a contact's fit using a biomicroscope and slit lamp. Only after they know the best fit will they write your prescription. Here's a quick rundown of what you will find on your contact lens prescription Those who have a mild prescription of say, -2.00 diopter do not need high index lenses because their lenses will already not be very thick, nor have a distortion issue. However, if you have a higher prescription of say, -7.00 diopter, the high-index lens will not only be thinner, and lighter but cause minimal distortion The short answer is, yes, you can get glasses without a prescription. There are several online eyeglass retailers that do not require an eye care provider's prescription certification. However, you should still have your eyes examined regularly as doctors screen for eye diseases

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What does '20/20 vision' actually mean

What Does My Eye Prescription Mean? You go to your optometrist or ophthalmologist and they test your eyesight. Unless you have perfect vision, they hand you a slip of paper (or send an electronic file) that has all these numbers and words that probably mean nothing to you. But they're your eyes, and you want to know what your prescription means Laser vision correction uses high intensity electromagnetic radiation to ablate (to remove material from the surface) and reshape the corneal surfaces. Figure 5. Laser vision correction is being performed using the LASIK procedure +1.0 Astigmatism, +2 Astigmatism Prescription: What Do These Numbers Mean? Astigmatism is measured in diopters. A perfect eye with no astigmatism has 0 diopters. Most people have between 0.5 to 0.75 diopters of astigmatism. People with a measurement of 1.5 or more typically need contacts or eyeglasses to have clear vision What does 20/20 vision mean? Snellen charts help to determine a baseline for your vision in each eye - a baseline typically measured against 20/20 vision. This means when you are 20 feet away from an object, you can comfortably see details that most people with normal vision can also see at 20 feet distance MetLife Vision can help you and your family see well, stay healthy, and save.3. Save on routine eye exams, eyewear and fittings, laser vision correction services, and more 5. Always convenient for your life: choose from the thousands of participating vision providers in our network to find the one who works best for you and your family

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This vision test works with a variety of different monitor sizes, and also can be used by adults and children alike. It's a great way to get a clue about how much help your vision will need. This vision test runs on the E Game, which uses capital E's of various sizes and orientations to judge around how high of a prescription you will need A prescription will also include the power of each lens based on your specific condition: nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), blurred vision (astigmatism), or age-related need for reading glasses (presbyopia) - and may include additional information, such as magnifying power

Ideally, your glasses prescription will be written to correct your vision to 20/20. But while contacts can achieve 20/20, your doctor will write the prescription within the confines of what the contact lens can handle. Their focus is to get you as close to 20/20 as possible. The two prescriptions are also not interchangeable My vision has been getting steadily worse since I started wearing glasses in kindergarten (I'm 23), but lately the right eye in particular has started to worsen faster, at least -1 per year. I'm the only one in my family with really poor vision (some of my older relatives wear bifocals, but their scripts are nothing like mine) Hopefully, you feel much more equipped to get the most out of your plan's benefits and discounts to keep your vision clear and eyes healthy, but if you still have questions about your plan, then you can speak directly with our knowledgeable customer service team at 800.785.0699. Our service center is open Monday through Friday from 7a.m. to 7p.m

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